Reverse Tardis

Why is it that packing into cardboard boxes is like using a reverse Tardis? I am sure you all remember Dr Who? His Tardis was bigger on the inside than the outside. Well cardboard packing boxes must be smaller on the inside than the outside, because they hold almost nothing. You must have experienced it? You are packing up a shelf or a cupboard. It doesn’t have much on it, so you get a large box and start packing. In a few minutes the box is overflowing and you have only emptied half the shelf. What is going on? Is there a rift in the space-time continuum within every cardboard box? Does the very process of packing, cause a rip in the fabric of space? Do objects grow in size when they come into contact with cardboard? Do our eyes get fooled by squares and oblongs? Do cardboard boxes shrink when they come into contact with any contents?

I am thinking that there needs to be a solution. It is not acceptable. We cannot go on trying to pack into ever shrinking boxes. The very fabric of space and time is at threat. Our sanity, indeed our ability to make sensible judgements is at stake. I don’t think it would be too great a statement to say that the universe itself is in peril.

There must be a way forward. After all Dr Who overcame it with his Tardis. Surely if he, with an old Police Box, could solve the problem of time and space, can’t we do the same. I used to watch Dr Who when it was still black and white. If he could overcome such a huge problem on such a tiny budget, so can we.

Just think, if we do not overcome this problem, we will be left trying to pack up our houses into an unreasonably large number of boxes. How can one bookshelf take 2 or 3 boxes! That is ludicrous, we must be able to reduce that number. As for a kitchen, well all I can say is that if the contents can fit in a few drawers and cupboards then it does not need 10 to 15 boxes to pack it. Are you with me on this? I can almost hear the moving firms cheering me on. Or is that the very fabric of space-time splitting.

But I hear you ask, where do we start? That is a good question. I always think the best place is at the beginning. How did Dr Who do it? He chose an ordinary object that looked small on the outside, but was actually big on the inside. Obviously cardboard boxes do not work. I think we have established that. It’s also best if we don’t copy Dr Who. Besides I am not sure where I would buy an old Police Box.

I think we are progressing, don’t you? We have ruled out what will not work and now we can concentrate on the best way forward. It can’t be that difficult to come up with the right thing. Any ideas? OK, I am thinking hard. Not a cardboard box. Not a Police Box. I’ve got it… No that won’t work. Quantum physics isn’t as easy as I was hoping.

Perhaps we’ll stick with boxes for now and come back to this later. It’s a definite problem that needs fixing though. There’s a Nobel Prize in this for someone.

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Author: Mike Nevin

I decided to write about the funny side of being cared for. I am a full time wheelchair user with daily carers. It's my experiences with my carers that inspired this blog.

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