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Mike Nevin

Where do I begin, I feel like I’ve just burst into song there. Life is a curious thing and we are poorly prepared for it. Whoever would guess what things would be thrown at any of us. Well, that’s as true for you as me.

I became seriously ill in my early 30’s and my employer at the time kindly fired me just for being sick. OK, maybe not very kindly. From that point on, 1994, I have been unable to work full time. My character being what it is, every time I have had the slightest improvement in my health, yes even the tiniest bit, I have done part time work. So over the years I have had an up and down time.

With hindsight, isn’t that a wonderful thing, I should have rested more and done less. I now know that the doctors mis diagnosed my condition and having done so stopped looking. Having been wrongly treated for years it was only recently that the real cause of my problems started to be discovered. It’s basically nerve damage that is underlying a lot of it. I can no longer walk so I spend my days mainly in bed, no that isn’t as fun as it sounds. Carers wash and dress me, that’s not fun either. I have a fully reclinable power wheelchair that I can occasionally go out in.

Writing has again become my passion and interest. I had never expected to get the opportunity to write again. I have spent the last couple of years writing a comedy fiction novel and I am trying to get it published or at the very least find an agent. I have also written a fantasy romance film script and even a play. Plus I have written some half hour radio comedies about Hilda. So far nothing has been published. I was also a finalist in the Habinteg 2020 Essay writing contest.

I have had positive feedback on my novel, which has led me to continue work on it. From professionals, not just friends. After all, friends are always kind… usually.

This blog is a way to both express how it feels to be limited and be a help to others.

I hope you enjoy reading it and are inspired.

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