The three essentials

I have noticed that most TV series and films have three essential elements. They appear at various points, but they most definitely appear.

1/ A section of dramatic rousing music with time spanning action.

2/ An inspirational speech.

3/ A round of applause. Mainly at the end, but not always.

Well you can save your round of applause for the end of this blog. It’s difficult to do visuals or action on the written page. But I can most definitely do inspirational speeches.

Here we go:

“There are days in our lives when we must decide. Days when we are challenged. Days of adversity and strife. There is a moment to be firm. Strong against a storm. We do not see that day coming. We may not choose it. It is not an easy day. But come it must and come it will. That storm, battering against our resolve, hammering at our will, wearing down our resistance and hope.

Do not give in, do not give up. If we are strong now, we will win. If we are resolved in our minds to stand firm, firm against the battering wind, firm against the storm, firm against the adversity, we will be victorious.” (You almost got up and went forth to do something, if only I had indicated what.)

Then there is another type of rousing speech. Not triumphalist like the one above, but one that inspires hope, charity and good feelings. Let’s have a go at one of those:

“As I look back at that time, I see beyond the hunger, to the community and love. In the cramped, cold rooms we huddled together and found a common purpose and hope. Our lives shared not just pain but compassion. There was a sense of belonging that came from knowing we were together in our difficulties. We did not choose to be poor, but poverty moulded us into who we were.” (What a pity that such speeches almost suggest that poverty and pain are a desirable start in life.)

Then there are the eve of battle speeches:

“Many of you were just trainees when we started out together. Who could have known then that we would be here, now, on this night, waiting in expectation of an end to this war. We have a chance, a decisive and final chance to end it. But we must act swiftly and strongly. I am asking you something very hard, but it is no more than I ask of myself. Fight through to the end. Take courage and strength from this fact: we are one. They have not defeated us. They will not defeat us today. We will be victorious if we stand together and push through. In our unity, is our strength. We will never be defeated as long as one of us is left standing. Forward into battle, one people, one purpose, one goal, victory is ours.” (Don’t worry I am not calling for a real war, this is an example speech of the type used in movies.)

Then finally there are the love story speeches, romances. Oh no, not the comfy chair. Not the cuddly sweet speeches; yes:

“Moment by moment you have changed my life. Piece by piece rebuilding it. I no longer know where you begin and I end, it’s as if we are one. My heart beats in rhythm with yours, my very breath is mingled with yours. I heard about an old fable where one partner searches the world for the other part of himself. But that is not how it is. You are not the other part of me. It is as if I have found myself in you. The completeness of who I am meant to be, expressed through our togetherness. There are many things in the universe that reflect our love but one which seems to express it well is the way that light shining in darkness transforms it. Colour and form are apparent which were hidden before. Depth and vibrancy sing out. Our love is like that.” (All the old chestnuts eh)

So what has all this to do with disability or illness; absolutely nothing. Although I am sure someone will see a link.

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Author: Mike Nevin

I decided to write about the funny side of being cared for. I am a full time wheelchair user with daily carers. It's my experiences with my carers that inspired this blog.

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