Holding on (Poetry)

(A poem by Mary Nevin)

(Read the words with a hard northern ‘a’)

Weighted down by leaden thoughts,

Things to do and things to sort.

The bitter taste of times gone past,

Fill my mind in an instant flash.

Painful thoughts do corrosive harm,

I need to find God’s healing balm.

Spring Hope (Poetry)

(A poem by Mary Nevin)

A life brutally stripped,

Pruned jagged and raw.

Blasted by winter winds,

Drenched by freezing rain,

Shocked into premature dormancy.


Now awoken by coaxing warmth.

Buds of fresh hope shoot through,

Branching in new directions.

Tender leaves unfurl;

Shimmering, dancing,

Delighting in the joys of spring.

Poem on suffering

Poem by Mike Nevin

(Written in January 2018 when I again lost the use of my legs)

It’s when we have given up

When in the depths of despair

When darkness closes in

When our legs fail, and our arms fall

That is when we discover true strength.

The strength beneath us as we fall

The strength beside us as we cry out

The strength within us we never knew.

If you feel alone.

If your tears are dry.

If your pain has overtaken all reason.

There is only one way

There is only one hope.

God never lets us go.

God never fails

God always loves

God is hope, life and joy

God is love.

Love sounds such an empty word

It’s meaning drown by repetition and trite words

Love seems such a simple notion

It’s power drained by so much use.

But love, real love, the love of God

Is a love that created the universe

A love that overcame death

That love, the love God has for you and me

That love is the only answer to the mocking cry of sickness

It answers the empty power of evil

It answers the sadness

It answers the desperate plea.

It answers pain and confusion.

God says, “I love you, I am with you, I will not forget you.”

God says, “I am here.”

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