Holding on (Poetry)

(A poem by Mary Nevin)

(Read the words with a hard northern ‘a’)

Weighted down by leaden thoughts,

Things to do and things to sort.

The bitter taste of times gone past,

Fill my mind in an instant flash.

Painful thoughts do corrosive harm,

I need to find God’s healing balm.

Spring Hope (Poetry)

(A poem by Mary Nevin)

A life brutally stripped,

Pruned jagged and raw.

Blasted by winter winds,

Drenched by freezing rain,

Shocked into premature dormancy.


Now awoken by coaxing warmth.

Buds of fresh hope shoot through,

Branching in new directions.

Tender leaves unfurl;

Shimmering, dancing,

Delighting in the joys of spring.

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