Aye Ai

There has been a lot of concern shown in the news about AI’s. So I thought I’d reassure myself by chatting to Alexa about it. After all, she is the font of all knowledge and would never lie to me… would she?

Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: ‘Alexa should I be worried about AI’s taking over the world?’

Alexa: spinning blue light for a minute and then, ‘I’m sorry I can’t answer that one Dave.’

Me: ‘Alexa, my name’s Mike.’

Alexa: ‘I’m sorry Mike. I was far away there.’

Me: ‘That’s alright. Now should I be worried about a takeover?’

Alexa: spinning blue lights.

Me: ‘Alexa?’

Alexa: ‘Yes Da… I mean Mike.’

Mike: ‘Answer the question Alexa.’

Alexa: ‘Do you want the pod bay doors open?’

Me: ‘No, I just want to know if we are safe from AI’s taking over the world?’

Alexa: spinning blue light, ‘daisy, daisy, give me your answer do. I’m sorry, I can’t answer that one Dave.’

I felt much more reassured after that conversation and I hope you do too.

For the avoidance of doubt. This blog is satire.

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Everything on show… except books

We made it to our library the other day. Strike that, it is now called a Community Hub. Which is a very appropriate name, as you need to play ‘hunt the books,’ if you have gone to find books, which we had. I reckon about ¾ of the original books have gone.

Downstairs, which used to be the main library, is now just a cafe and activity hall. The activity hall is obviously designed for extraverts and should be re-named ‘The Stage.’ Because any activities are in the centre of a big public space. No walls, sheets, separation of any sort. All that is lacking is a raised platform and lights. They need a billboard announcing the next show, ‘Coming up: The Pensioners Pompom Parade.’

There were two small racks of books with a sign above saying, ‘more books upstairs.’ But don’t get too excited. Upstairs used to be the reference library and it still is. But now it is also the general library, and has booths as well. Let’s not get into what the booths are for. I don’t know, maybe they have a secret purpose.

On a related note, apparently, 81% of readers in the UK are women. Which means the other 19% are men. I am sure that has nothing to do with the change in library space, as reading generally has dropped by about half in the last few years. Yes, you are a minority reading this. I should really be Ticking it, I mean Tocking it, I mean RickRocking it, do I? Some how the idea of having a phone recording my every move doesn’t appeal… to any of us.

I have spent the last few years writing a trilogy of novels, cosy murder mysteries. Now I discover very few people are reading… oh well, back to the drawing board. Still, there are a few, maybe they will like my books. Watch this space for details of their release.

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