And if you must speak…

We have been practising our significant looks; this is going to be interesting to get over in writing. Have you noticed how so many people give you a look that means so much? That raised eyebrow, the lowered lip, the half-smile, both eyebrows up and mouth wide, pursed lips, sideways glance, licked lips etc. Some are really obvious, but others leave me clueless.

Greg and John on MasterChef; what you hadn’t realised we watch that? They are always giving each other very strange looks. But what do they mean? After a contestant has just shared their cooking passion, does their look mean: “No passion there.” or “Wow! I have never heard such passion.” or “Are you hungry too John?” or “Get off my toe.” or “Do I look good in this top?” Are we even meant to understand their look? Or is it just a teaser to frustrate us?

The trouble with significant looks is they can get you in trouble. I remember as a child one teacher looking at me expectant of an answer to his question? As if I should know what his look meant. What am I; a mind reader? Then, when I replied, “Are you alright?” For some inexplicable reason he considered that cheek, worthy of a trip to the headmaster. Why didn’t he just say; “Where is your homework?” That way at least my trip to the headmaster would have been justified. It wasn’t my fault that he looked at me as if he was in pain; nothing was ever my fault in my youth. Ah, those were the days.

The purpose of this blog is not to talk about my childhood or to find better excuses for lost homework; because obviously it was lost and not forgotten. I wanted to point out how much facial expressions are essential to human communication. I am sure that anyone who has looked at the profile picture I use for my ‘’ blog immediately realise it is an expression of shock/surprise. Mary thinks it makes me look stupid; but I am sure none of you think that? You do! I need to change it immediately. Another case of Mary being right. I have noticed that woman have an alarming tendency of often, I won’t say always, being right. I put it down to the fact that us men are far too practical and straightforward to bother with little details like getting things right all the time. For us, it is far more important to feel we are right, rather than actually being right.

There are a lot of women whose expressions I think I would fully understand at the moment; justification, long-suffering, disgust, horror, well you know what you’re feeling. Any men reading this have that shocked look on their faces; disbelief, betrayal, well hang on a second, before you jump to any conclusions. I am not saying that we men are actually wrong; we just know when it’s best to say that women are right. Now what do those facial expressions mean?

I am off course messing around, as usual. Although, no doubt, I will get some serious responses. My blogs are meant to explore ideas in a light hearted way. Are there a few raised eyebrows out there? Cross looks and pursed lips? Oh well, hopefully there are also a few smiles.

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Author: Mike Nevin

I decided to write about the funny side of being cared for. I am a full time wheelchair user with daily carers. It's my experiences with my carers that inspired this blog.

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