Flying Wheelchairs

(I have not written for a little while. I have found the Lock Down hard going. So here is a bit of silliness now I am back writing)

I was watching Star Wars the other day and noticed a great invention, obviously a totally possible one; flying wheelchairs, there were a few (even Yoda had one). I got thinking about it, no more problems with bumpy pavements, no more looking for ramps or lowered pavements. No issues with stairs. Perfect, absolutely perfect and I can’t see any downside; well maybe cost. I don’t know if the NHS would run to one. But maybe fund raising…
Anyway, it got me thinking about all those brilliant things they have in Sci-Fi movies that would help in real life. Just think how useful a light sabre would be, you’re thinking about it aren’t you. I bet you have come up with as many useful situations as me. No more problems with lost keys, just cut the door open. No more need for tile cutters, circular saws, jigsaws, drills, just think how easy it will be to prune the garden; the mind boggles. I bet you were thinking all the same things.
Then what about droids? C3PO, human cyborg relations could be very useful in parliament. A bit of good manners and protocol will sort everything out. Then there are other Sci-Fi movies, I am thinking of The Matrix. Being able to do a triple somersault from a high-speed motorbike that is flying off the top of a building is a very useful skill. I bet you are counting all the uses. I can’t think of any at the moment, but I am sure there are loads. Then there’s Star Trek, wouldn’t it be great to have a tiny communicator that you could hold in your hand and contact people anywhere in the world? What do you mean we have smart phones? I can’t say ‘beam me up Scotty’ into my smart phone. Unless I want to look a complete wally. Plus, a smart phone does all sorts of extra things, like being a computer. Whereas on Star Trek the original series they had to call their space ship to use a computer; much more civilised.
Now let’s be sensible for a moment. I saw one Sci-Fi where they had AI (artificial intelligence) wanting to take over the world; actually, that was most of them. Well we only have real live human beings who want to do that. So you see real life is definitely lacking something; AI that want to take over the world.
Getting back to my very sensible and realistic starting idea of flying wheelchairs. I wonder how we start out the design and production? First, I guess we need an anti-gravity engine of some sort. Well that can’t be too hard, although I suppose it might help if science understood what gravity was first. Currently they only know what it does, not what it is. Let’s skip over that and come back to it, I’m sure it will be easier with fresh eyes in the morning. I believe when you are designing something and hit a problem; shelve it for later, come back to it fresh. So next we need a lightweight and long-lasting power source; ideally very cheap and able to power the anti-gravity engine we haven’t yet designed. That can’t be too hard; any ideas? Me neither. OK, another problem to shelve for now. Next, we need to design it’s looks, that’s easy, copy Star Wars; one problem down. Now we are really flying; or we soon will be. What do we build it out of? Probably depends on what the power source and engine need. In the Sci-Fi movies they always talk about the type of radiation that the power source gives out. OK shelve that for now. So, where are we? We know what it looks like; see the one in the Star Wars movie. Everything else we need to come back to later. I think we are really getting somewhere. I feel like this is a break through, we have a design we could put down on paper. We could even show videos of it. Maybe I’ll design some anti-gravity boots next.

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Author: Mike Nevin

I decided to write about the funny side of being cared for. I am a full time wheelchair user with daily carers. It's my experiences with my carers that inspired this blog.

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