Living in a bad Hollywood Blockbuster

Sometimes it feels like we are living in a movie…

I was about to go to sleep last night when I realised it’s like I am living in a bad Hollywood Blockbuster. Think about it, the plot is dreadful and a bit unbelievable. Let me lay it out with a bit of artistic license:

A few years ago China starts to become a world power. This unexpected development throws the status quo and major world powers find themselves in debt to China. Election results in the USA are influenced by social media and possibly Russia. An unexpected result brings a suspect businessman into power. His misogyny, shady business deals and political ineptitude are rolled out one by one over the years as signs of his unsuitability, but somehow nothing sticks. Even an impeachment hearing fails to prove his guilt.

In the UK Trumps physical twin rises to power. He is so adorable, almost cuddly, everyone loves him, even those who see him as inept and a poor leader. He has been massively helped by the part played by his father on reality TV.

Boris Johnson has found himself the heir apparent following a series of unprecedented political events that bordered on farce. If these events were laid out in a film script they would be thrown out as unbelievable. I lived through them and thought the same. Then in an election Boris proves how much he is loved or perhaps how much the other guy was disliked. He takes control of a country divided between those who see the future of Britain in its past, separate and glorious and those who see Britain as strong in unity with the EU.

Just at the point when we are about to count the financial cost of separation from the EU, the world changes. It’s that classic movie turning point, the dramatic driving event. If it was a movie the virus would figure heavily on the posters.

China, the growing superpower becomes the epicentre of a pandemic. Nation after nation is shut down.

The effect of shutting down countries and governments is two fold; 1/ economic disaster, which masks all other economic impacts (for instance leaving the EU in the UK but each country has its own) 2/ The executive in governments has taken control over the elected officials. A perfect excuse to delay or halt elections. Add to that China is seen as the cause of all this destruction. Anger can be focused away from home governments. Countries come together internal unity.

Even during WWII the UK was not as controlled as it is now. Churches shut down, gatherings of more than two people broken up by the police. People fined for unnecessary travel. This certainly feels like a bad movie. Looking at web cams of deserted locations around the globe certainly looks apocalyptic.

If this was a bad Hollywood Blockbuster then the blond twins on either side of the Atlantic would be in a secret alliance. The impact of the virus would be deliberately being exaggerated in order to gain political control. The origin of the virus itself would be suspect. But of course we are not living in a Hollywood Blockbuster are we. So these things cannot be the case. It does all feel very odd, strange timing and a little worrying the way governments are controlling the people through the police. Let’s see how this all plays out. The movie has not yet finished.

Not yet the end

Author: Mike Nevin

I decided to write about the funny side of being cared for. I am a full time wheelchair user with daily carers. It's my experiences with my carers that inspired this blog.

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