Watching the world go by

Aren’t people funny? Not me of course, other people. I am sitting at a window table in Perkins Warbeck, Weatherspoon’s in Taunton. Watching the world go by. People are very different, have you noticed that? Large, small, tall, thin, wide, in fact any shape you can think of. You had to think of a star didn’t you. Then there’s the clothes. I didn’t know there was such a range of clothes available. Or walks, I thought The Ministry of Funny Walks was a Monty Python sketch, not real life.

Hang on, it’s 1:30pm on a school day, where are all these school kids going, is it lunch time. Maybe the local authority should hire me as a truant officer.

It started raining about half an hour ago, not that you’d know by the way some people are dressed. It’s winter isn’t it? I am in a coat, hat, scarf, leggings and I am sat in a hot restaurant. OK so I have taken my hat and scarf off, and undone my coat. But some people going by are in T shirts with a light open jacket! Why is that lady wearing a bikini, just kidding.

Now there’s a novelty, a lady has just used her pushchair to open the door. The toddler seemed to enjoy kicking the door open. Maybe Weatherspoon should get auto doors. This is a very good place for wheelchairs, apart from the door. Mary has to open it wide for me. But once inside it’s very roomy and of course the window seats are great.

Trouble is next time you are passing you will look in to see if I am sitting looking out. Do wave if you see me. Mind you if it’s not a Thursday, Curry day, I probably won’t be there. We are only here today because of an eye test.

That reminds me, I was sitting in Cleve coffee shop a week ago and a lady who reads my blog recognised me; by the colour of my hair! You know who you are, thought I’d mention you, but not by name Karen, oops. At least I missed off your surname.

Crowds are building outside, is it a major event, an accident, Royalty? No just smokers. They are trying to shelter under the covered doorway and seem to be just succeeding. Mary is popping in and out shopping at nearby shops. Surprisingly I don’t enjoy shopping. I know, you’d think any man who liked Jane Austin would love shopping. So I am having the endless cups of coffee you can get here. Can I just add that we did actually buy it. I say that because one time we were sitting here and someone came in, walked up to an empty table, picked up a used mug and went to get a free re fill. Hope that the person they ‘borrowed’ the cup from had nothing catching. No, it wasn’t their cup and they hadn’t just been out smoking. I overheard their conversation as they searched tables for an empty cup.

Crowds are thinning outside, the rain is getting heavier. I do like the reflections you get on the roads. Rain and snow somehow make roads look nicer, prettier. I feel like I should say something really butch and macho now to balance out all the flowery stuff…. No, I’m a blank.

Anyway I am going to finish my coffee and carry on people watching. Who knows, maybe you just walked past me.

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Author: Mike Nevin

I decided to write about the funny side of being cared for. I am a full time wheelchair user with daily carers. It's my experiences with my carers that inspired this blog.

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