Hello, good evening and welcome

I haven’t blogged in a while. Sorry about that, I’ve been unwell. I know I’m always unwell, after all I write a disability blog, but this is different. When I get cold or flu bugs, shall I call it man flu, no I shan’t, oh that sounded childish. When I get a cold, my immune system doesn’t fight it well. So rather than a streaming cold, which is actually a good sign of your system fighting the bugs. My system half-heartedly mounts a defence. Rather than get out the guns and firing at the germs my immune system stands there and shouts critical comments at the cold virus, hoping to shame it into leaving. Oddly that doesn’t work. So, I feel ill for weeks, then eventually it peters out.

As I lie in bed writing this, I have a Christmas tree at the bottom of my bed. It is beautifully decorated by my wife, Mary. It also has chocolates on it. I don’t eat sweets and chocolates, so they are a bit of a tease; but then I couldn’t reach them anyway. Still it looks very nice. I’ll let you into a little secret, so long as you promise not to tell anyone. I like multi-coloured lights, and decorations. Garish, gaudy and bright. Our tree is beautifully subtle, silver and blue; it looks lovely; just not how I would do it. So, Mary has added a multi-coloured string of lights just for me. The problem is that without all the multi coloured tinsel and baubles, the multi-coloured lights don’t look good. So, I don’t switch them on. Hence, we have a subtle tree. I said to one of my carers the other day that I prefer the tree without the multi-coloured lights. By which, of course, I mean unless you add multi-coloured everything. Hey ho! I was going to say, oh well, but ‘hey ho’ seemed more festive. You’re fortunate I didn’t say, ho, ho, ho.

For those who follow my antics on Facebook you will know that I had my hair dyed red recently. Well maybe dyed is a strong word. I had a red shampoo applied. I now have a red tinge to my hair. The plan is to have a red mouse applied soon and go bright red for Christmas. Although I don’t know how putting an animal on your head changes its colour. Is it the shock? I should have had this sponsored. I’m sure people would have paid to stop me.

I made it to the carols by candlelight on Sunday night at our church. That was great, so good to be there. Some folk reckoned I should have put reindeer antlers on my wheelchair. I thought putting my LED lights on was enough. Actually, I thought turning up was enough considering I felt rather rough with the cold. We are hoping to be at the carols around the Christmas tree outside the pub in Creech on Christmas Eve too, 6pm. I’m only saying that so that if anyone reads this goes you can say hi. I’m the one in the wheelchair without reindeer antlers.

I have finally sent off my manuscript of a film idea to the BBC. So, I am going to be famous very shortly. Or at least I will have been rejected by a major organisation, which is a brush with fame. It’s a good story, honest, wait and see. I won’t spoil it because it might be on next Christmas. You might be sleeping in front of it. I have never suffered from a lack of optimism. Realism on the other hand…

Santa; I just thought I’d say that. Santa; there I go again. Seems the right time of year to mention him. Of course, as a Christian I would be bound to point out that St Nicholas, Saint Nicholas, Santa (saint) Claus (Niclaus), Santa, actually only ever pointed to Jesus at Christmas. It’s his Christian actions that lead to him becoming a saint. Let’s not even get into Coca cola giving him a red outfit.

I think it’s time I finished this blog before I get myself in trouble. More trouble that is. This will be my last blog before Christmas, so have a Happy and blessed Christmas.

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Author: Mike Nevin

I decided to write about the funny side of being cared for. I am a full time wheelchair user with daily carers. It's my experiences with my carers that inspired this blog.

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