Inspiration versus concentration

I was trying to work out the other day why it’s so much easier for me just to write what comes to mind, whether that’s fiction or ideas compared to writing logical thought and complex notions (as with essays). It’s the difference between inspiration and concentration.

I can just put metaphorical pen to paper and write. Or literal finger to iPad. When we were on holiday for a week, I wrote 3 short stories and a 20 min playlet. Ideas just flow from my mind and onto the paper. I don’t find I have to work at it.

One of my carers asked me, “did you rest as well?” For me writing isn’t tiring if it’s just writing what I think, as I think it. Writing is tiring, when I edit it afterwards or when I try to produce something specific or create an essay answer.

The easiest thing for me to write is fiction. Story ideas just flow straight out of my brain and onto the paper. You get an insight into the world I experience inside my head, poor you. My imagination constantly creates imaginary worlds. Being limited in what I can experience in physical reality means my brain creates a world that fills that gap. I have noticed that since the level of my limitations have increased, my imagination has increased and hence my amount of fictional writing. But that was only able to even start after the new medication that increased my concentration. Before that my brain was far too sluggish and foggy.

Some very kind people come up to me or my wife in Wellington and Taunton and say they read my blog. They tell me that they find it helpful and even inspirational. I find that humbling. I just write what I feel and think and hope it may help. When I hear it impacts people that amazes me.

The reason there has been a long gap between posts on this blog site is because I have been putting together a book of short stories that I am about to publish on Kindle. Most are completely new Hilda stories and therefore comedy. I have had a funny summer, in more ways than one. Every humorous incident I have stored up and accentuated in the Hilda stories. I only have the time and energy to do one or the other.

My writing then is mainly inspiration with only the need of a little logic and concentration to edit it at the end. Most of what I write is written in one go with no breaks and only brief editing at the end. I can tell, I hear you say. But that’s ok because it’s a style that works for me and I would recommend it, if you want to start writing. Or even if you already write but find your style stilted or heavy. Inspiration is the way forward with a little bit of concentration needed to keep it on track.

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Author: Mike Nevin

I decided to write about the funny side of being cared for. I am a full time wheelchair user with daily carers. It's my experiences with my carers that inspired this blog.

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