Ten Hints & Tips

These are a list of ten things I have found make life easier when you are mobility limited:

1/ Litter picker/grab sticks. I can’t over state how useful I find these. Do look for ones that have a decent grip. They are still limited by two things, your strength and the weight of what you can pick up. But they are great to get smaller things that are out of your reach. However much it may sound fun, its no fun having to keep asking people to fetch everything for you. If you can grab what is just out of reach, that is really great. I have a piece of string on the top of mine so it can hook onto another thing I have lots of, hooks.

One type of litter picker/grab stick

2/ Hooks, I have a number of Velcro strapped hooks around my bed and on the wheelchair. As mentioned in the 1st point, a litter picker is on one. I have my Trabasac wheelchair tray/bag on another. You will find them very useful.

One of the types of hooks I use, yes they are pram ones.

3/ Panniers, I have several of these, all different types. Two on my bed, two on the wheelchair, one on my reclining chair and one on my bedside trolley. They hold medicine, remotes, snacks, papers, magazines, pens etc.

One oft the pannier types I have

4/ Sleep headphones, these are a soft headband with built in headphones. I can lie down and listen to music or my iPad films. You can get wireless ones, but I gather they last a few hours per charge.

Sleep headphones

5/ Multi charger unit, this is most useful in nursing homes, but also good at home. As I have a lot of technology it enables me to charge many USB and Apple devices at the same time, from one 3 pin UK plug.

Multi Charger

6/ iPad stand, I have a heavy based, goose necked stand and it is so useful. I can easily view or operate my iPad without having to hold it or balance it on my knee.

The iPad stand I have

7/ Non slip tape on my wheelchair footplates, I had non slip tape added to my footplates because I found that as I was being driven along my feet would slip forward and sometimes off the footplates. The tape keeps them in place. It’s especially needed for the times I have the enclosed bottom leggings on, as that has a smooth base. This may be specific to me, but you will know if your feet slip around.

8/ Water bottle holders, I have had to try several of these to find the one that works on my wheelchair as every chair is different. My one has to grip onto the side cover by the seat as there are no available bars. I also have one on my bedside trolley.

The water bottle holder that works for me

9/ Clip on hand sanitiser, I have one of the types of hand sanitisers used by health professionals in their uniforms. It came with a clip and a spring retracting wire. I attach the clip to my wheelchair side pannier and then can’t lose the bottle. It’s very useful to have out and about.

Hand sanitiser and clip

10/ A bottle of Neutrodol by the bed with a temporary cover. It can be uncovered as needed. When your bedroom is also your toilet, its good to be able to keep it fresher smelling.

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Author: Mike Nevin

I decided to write about the funny side of being cared for. I am a full time wheelchair user with daily carers. It's my experiences with my carers that inspired this blog.

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