A room with a view

What a picture, what a photograph. No I shan’t finish the song. As I lie in bed about 90% of my time, shocking I know, then the view from my window is fairly well known to me. It would be better known if I spent more time looking out of it and less time looking at my iPad or PC and sometimes the TV. When I do look out I see a beautiful courtyard garden, created by Mary and filled with flowers.

Spring in our garden

I had a thought the other day. How is it that in just a few weeks, mud, water, heat and light transforms into a mass of greenery and flowers. Not just thin or low growing flowers, but thick stems and large leaves and flowers. Think about it, the change is really incredible. I watch that garden over the weeks and occasionally get to go into it in my wheelchair. Last I went into it, the part by our washing line was so full of plants that I think only a single sock would fit on the line. OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but the area had gone from an empty open space to encroached by raspberry bushes, lilies and sweet peas. All sides overhanging towards the middle. How is that possible in just a few weeks. What an amazing creation we live in, such variety, such complexity, such beauty and it all happens so quickly before our eyes.

The lilies that burst out next to our washing line

A few weeks back a very kind man on Facebook built me a bird table. I now get the added joy of watching birds pop by for brunch, or afternoon tea on the wing. It’s sort of a fly through, but without the intercom or payment window. I think I prefer a cheeseburger myself, but the birds seem to enjoy the mealworms. Mealworms, the name sounds like it should be tasty, but they don’t look it. The other day a pigeon tried to raid the bird table. I have nothing against pigeons, nothing for them either. Fortunately it couldn’t get into the table, try as it might. Whereas blackbirds, that I do like, can come and go at will. Mind you, one family of blackbirds have made a nest in my garage and I am not sure that I appreciate them pooping on the garage contents.

Bird table

What I enjoy most is stormy weather. When the rain hammers down and the wind blows, there is something dramatic about it. Yes, I know, you are out and about in it getting cold and wet, I’m sorry. Actually I used to really enjoy walking in the rain and wind and working in stormy weather. I think it’s because my day job was in an office. Getting out in nature, even raw nature was a treat. Even now I enjoy going out in my wheelchair on a stormy day. I really enjoyed looking out at the snow earlier this year and last. My wheelchair can’t travel in snow, but I can enjoy looking at it. Whereas rain and wind are not an obstacle.

The problem with wheelchairs on a stormy day, especially electric ones, is protection. I have tried so many waterproof covers. None are big enough to cover me and the chair. Not even ones designed for scooters. Because scooters are shaped differently to power wheelchairs. In the end the only way I could protect both was with a two layer approach. I have leggings that I sit into. Like child pushchair leggings (see my blog “Kids stuff.”) that protects me to waist height, sort of. Then I have what is described as a full wheelchair cover. This reaches to my lap. I have a Trabasac tray that latches onto my chair. I hook the top cover under that and that keeps my top half and most of the chair dry. But, the sides of the chair still get wet, especially my side pannier bags, they are waterproof fortunately. Plus water can collect in my rubber arm rests as they are cupped. Also the rear of my chair is only covered part way down. It’s a partial answer and looks more effective than it actually is. Normally when I get out of the chair there is a puddle of water by my feet, wet panniers and water in the armrests. I also find bits of me are wet.

Me covered as much as I can be

Back to my wonderful view. My bed is electric and profiling. That means it goes up and down and can shape, legs and head can raise and lower. So I can sit up and change my height. This gives me a range of views out of my window. At a higher setting I can see the path outside the patio door at the end of my bed. This door is too narrow and inaccessible for me to use in my wheelchair, but it is good for a view. When I was first in this bed I used to be dazzled by the sun. It comes straight in every morning. So a friend fitted a blind for me, now I ask my wife or carer to adjust it so that I can see the garden but don’t get dazzled. It’s a shame to shut out the sun, but helpful to keep your eyesight.

The good thing about our view is that it’s one way, most of the time. We have a private garden with a normally locked gate. So when my Carers get me washed and dressed I always used to get them to leave the curtains and blinds open. Until that one time the gate was left open for two days and we had three delivery men all of whom decided to try our back door, just as I was naked on the bed. It’s Murphy’s law that whenever you are on the toilet, in the bath or undressed that’s when a delivery arrives. Well at least you aren’t lying in front of the window with the delivery guy peering through it knocking.

The other view I have from my bed is a TV on a wall bracket. It doubles as a PC monitor. In case you are wondering why I would have a PC rather than a laptop, it’s because of weight. A laptop is heavy on my lap. The wireless keyboard and mouse I need for a PC aren’t, everything else is on the side. If you are bed bound and like computers, I recommend a PC with wireless keyboard and mouse. Unless you don’t find weight on your lap a problem. If you copy my idea, just use your LCD TV as a monitor, most have more than one HDMI input. You just swap between them to use your PC. Oh, I’m getting like a computer helpline here.

I am going to have a quick aside here, I used to work on a computer helpline part time. One person phoned me up and I gave them the advice you will always get with computers “just shut your PC down, wait ten seconds and start it again.” They said they had shut it down, waited ten seconds and started it, then instantly said everything was back on. The desktop was showing and everything had restarted. This was before SSD hard drives that can be almost instant to restart. I was puzzled for a moment then I realised what they had done and I said “did you switch off the button on your screen, then turn it back on?” They had, so we started again, this time I was more detailed in my instructions.

I find that using my iPad quite a lot, to watch films or write this blog, my vision gets closed in. So it’s helpful to look out through the patio door to the outside. My room with a view really comes into its own. I can enjoy what I see all year round.

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Author: Mike Nevin

I decided to write about the funny side of being cared for. I am a full time wheelchair user with daily carers. It's my experiences with my carers that inspired this blog.

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